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Convection and steam ovens

In-service products

922 Convection Oven and 930 Convection & Steam Oven









Ipeco’s new ARINC Size 2 convection and steam ovens, incorporate proprietary technologies to improve efficiency and reliability. Ground-breaking element design optimises temperature exchange within the unit whilst innovative insulation materials trap the heat for optimal cooking and safety. The ovens are made from materials specifically selected to increase both the structural integrity and thermal insulation, providing strength to the unit and safety to the user. This ensures the oven will maintain its performance throughout the lifetime of the unit.

Our ovens are easy to operate. The control module is intuitive to cabin crew and a number of pre-programmed cooking cycles are available. A clear indication of the oven’s cooking status is given by a large display. The ovens are also compliant with NSD350 Galley System communication requirements.


  • Quickly heat multiple chilled or deep-frozen meals
  • Inner compartments designed to accept an ATLAS standard 32-meal carrier
  • 10 user defined pre-set modes to store regularly used cooking profiles
  • Made from composite materials, increasing strength and insulation – protection from high touch temperatures
  • Easy to operate with numerous pre-programmed cooking cycles
  • Compliant with NSD350 Galley System communication requirements
  • Available in both left and right-hand door opening configurations

Convection mode:
32 meals in 28 min from 4°C to 71°C (39°F to 160°F)
Temperature adjustment in 5°C increments from 70°C to 190°C (158°F to 374°F)
Time adjustment in 1 minute intervals

Steam mode:
32 meals in 24 min from 4°C to 71°C (39°F to 160°F)
Temperature adjustment in 5°C increments from 120°C to 170°C (248°F to 338°F)
Time adjustment in 1 minute intervals

External dimensions: 563mm x 287mm x 570mm or 22.17 x 11.30 x 22.44 inches

Empty weight: 18kg or 39.67lbs

Allowable load: 19.5kg or 43lbs

Interfaces: Electrical and mechanical interface similar to ARINC 810

922 – A350
930 – A320, A330


Products in development

Saros® convection and steam oven



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