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Microwave oven

In-service products

932/933 ARINC microwave oven









  • Rapid defrosting and heating – heats meals from 8°C to more than 70°C in 5 minutes
  • Operates on a reduced power input without compromising heating performance
  • Designed to provide a first-class service in a compact ARINC size 4 space in the galley
  • Clear visual display for the quick setting of programs
  • Numerous  programs for the perfect preparation of your dishes
  • Modular design for ease of maintenance

External dimensions:
932: 269.30mm x 287mm x 568.75mm or 10.6in x 11.2in x 22.3in
933: 269mm x 287mm x 570mm or 10.59in x 11.29in x 22.44in

Internal dimensions:
932: 190 mm x 250 mm x 252 mm or 7.4 x 9.8in x 9.9in
933: 250mm x 252mm  x 223mm or 9.84in x 9.92in x 8.77in

Empty weight:
932:18kg or 39.7lbs
933: 18.4kg  or 40.5lbs

Power supply: 115V AC 360-800Hz variable frequency 3 Phase (3 wire)

Maximum power consumption: 1250VA @ 400Hz, 1310VA @ 800Hz

Interfaces: ARINC 810

932 model – A320, A330 A350 & A380
933 model – 737 MAX, B767, B777, B777X, B787



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Saros® microwave oven



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