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Beverage makers

Designed and manufactured to last

Ipeco’s innovative ARINC 1 size beverage maker delivers hot beverages on demand via independent routes for coffee and hot water to ensure an excellent taste experience. 

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In-service products

Beverage maker 943 ARINC standard








The unit incorporates a unique flow-through heating technology which allows water to move through the system at the same time as it is being heated with no initial heating or recovery time, delivering limescale reduction benefits. Reliability is enhanced by positioning valves in the cold water areas of the system and fill-level sensing technology elements that are not in directcontact with jug contents. The unit is also able to accept universal jugs.

Dispenses 1.1L of beverage in 4 minutes
Thermo-insulated jug maintains beverage temperature with no additional power

External dimensions (excluding handle):
307mm x 162mm x 279mm or 12.09 x 6.38 x 10.98 inches

Empty weight (including jug): 7kg or 15.4lbs

Interfaces: Electrical and mechanical interface similar to ARINC 810

Applications: STC only

Products in development

Saros® beverage maker









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