Modern Slavery Statement

Modern Slavery Statement

(1 January 2018 – 31 December 2018)

The Modern Slavery Act came into force in October 2015. To ensure full compliance with this legislation and for clarity of purpose, Ipeco Holdings Ltd (IHL) has outlined what it expects from its suppliers, employees and from personnel acting on behalf of the Company. The Directors are satisfied that the measures described below are adequate to ensure that slavery and human trafficking do not take place within the business or its supply chain.

The statement provides details of IHL’s Modern Slavery Policy during the year and should be read in conjunction with IHL’s Bribery and Ethics Policy.

IHL does not condone the following activities in its own workforce, or in any suppliers that it deals with:

  • Slavery and servitude,
  • Forced or compulsory labour,
  • Coercion, either direct threats of violence or more subtle forms of compulsion, and
  • Human trafficking.

IHL will only work with suppliers if their workers:

  • Are not being exploited,
  • Are safe,
  • Receive relevant employment rights (wages and working hours),
  • Benefit from relevant health and safety and human rights laws, and
  • Are treated correctly and have freedom of movement and communications.

Specific responsibilities

IHL Board of Directors will:

  • Comply with the Modern Slavery Act legislation and publish an annual statement, and
  • Enforce appropriate action to ensure Modern Slavery (as defined by legislation) is not tolerated in the workplace or in the supply chain.

Employees engaging with suppliers will:

  • Comply with the statement,
  • Issue all suppliers doing business with IHL a statement to confirm the requirements for suppliers to comply in order to conduct business with IHL.

Employees and personnel acting on behalf of IHL will:

  • Comply with the statement, and
  • Seek advice from management if they believe a situation has arisen which may lead to a breach in the legislation.

Human Resources will:

  • Comply with the statement,
  • Communicate the statement, and
  • Review the statement in light of legislative changes and provide advice to IHL Board of Directors accordingly.