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In accordance with UK Government guidance on COVID-19 precautions, we wish to inform our customers that Ipeco has resumed its manufacturing and manufacturing support activities in a COVID-safe environment across its UK sites.  All other company activities, including business development, customer support, engineering, procurement, and finance will be managed remotely, and employees instructed to work from home to reduce risk and to allow for a greater degree of self-distancing in our facilities.

Our customer support operations in Torrance, Tukwila, Wichita, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Singapore remain open but with similar limitations as dictated by local government instructions and advice. These facilities can be accessed in the usual manner with all contact details available on our website Ipeco.com. These facilities can be accessed in the usual manner with all contact details available here.

Our AOG service will continue to remain operational 24/7 on +44 8452 669355 or AOGDESK@ipeco.com  

During the past year Ipeco has maintained its operations to the best of its ability and it has managed to successfully deliver on all its commitments where there has been a clear demand or an urgent requirement. The Company has also maintained significant engineering development activities on a range of new programmes and it continues to seek new business opportunities.

Our primary objective during this pandemic outbreak has been to protect the well-being of our employees and their families and insofar as is practically possible, to try to secure their future employment.  In this respect we thank our customers for your ongoing support and flexibility during this difficult period and we wish all of you every success in your initiatives to sustain and safeguard our industry for the future of us all. 

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